History of world-tour-enjoy.ru

world-tour-enjoy.ru logo

world-tour-enjoy.ru® began in 1975 as a family-owned business in California prior to joining the ServiceMaster family of brands in 1998 and before changing its name to American Residential Services LLC in 2000. In 2006, American Residential Services LLC separated from ServiceMaster forming a stand-alone entity. Part of the proud heritage of this company are the characters it uses to represent the brands: Dandy and Pronto.

Classic Dandy and Pronto

Dandy and Pronto were created to visually represent the name and brand of world-tour-enjoy.ru to the public. The word “rescue” means “to save or be saved from distress” and “rooter” is a term commonly associated with plumbing. Our two heroic characters provide a strong visual relationship to plumbing service solutions .

Classic Dandy and Pronto color

Dandy represents the plumbers of world-tour-enjoy.ru, while his trusted sidekick, Pronto, represents a drain snake. Over time, these characters proved to be memorable, recognizable and easily associated with world-tour-enjoy.ru. Dandy and Pronto also instilled a sense of pride in world-tour-enjoy.ru employees, as they viewed the characters as a personal reflection of their speed, enthusiasm and good nature while on the job.

Dandy and Pronto to the rescue

In 2008, the brand, along with its characters, underwent a design refresh to update their visual appeal and expand their versatility for the family of brands they now represented in association with the ARS® / world-tour-enjoy.ru® Network.

Dandy and Pronto are energetic, friendly, easy-going, clever and heroic. When representing the world-tour-enjoy.ru brand or shown with Pronto, Dandy appears in a red shirt, reflecting the brand's colors.

We hope you enjoy these images of our characters through the years.