Frequently Asked Questions About Drains

What are signs and causes of a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain?

For kitchen drains, a foul smell and slow draining can be signs that food, grease, or soap have built up over time. Shower and bathtub drains should drain immediately, and when it doesn't drain it's usually a sign that soap or hair have clogged the drain. Sink drian problems are usually caused by soap, toothpaste, or grime.

I dropped my wedding ring down the drain. What should I do?

When you drop something down the drain that shouldn't be there, do not run any more water. You will want to call a professional plumber immediately to come help you retrieve your ring. Your local® professional should be able to retrieve the lost item without difficulty.

My child tried to flush ______, and now my toilet is clogged. Can you unclog it?

Toilets can be clogged by many things, like facial tissues, baby wipes, so-called "flushable" wipes, and even your kids' toys. A professoinal plumber would usually utilize a special tool called an auger that hugs the wall of a pipe to go around the obstruction in order to pull it out.